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Craft Shells & Beads

Trinidad Trading Company carries beads and craft shell.

The The Trinidad Trading Company is your source for beautiful and unusual shell beads.  We are pleased to offer several varieties and sizes of dentalium shell for creating regalia or original jewelry.  We carry a wide selection of abalone and paua beads.  We also have the naa-set dress clam shells used in North Coast regalia.

  Please check out our articles and learn more about dentalium, clam, and abalone, used traditionally for generations and popular today in contemporary jewelry design. The craft shell we offer is of exceptional quality.  All of our shell beads are selected for those artisans who use skill and care in their creations. The shells by themselves are beautiful.  Making jewelry with elements of nature like abalone and dentalium is without limit and opens one’s imagination.

The Snell family has offered quality craft shell for traditional regalia of Native peoples for over 60 years. To hear the song of the shells’ dance in ceremony is powerful.

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